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Go Home

Since I became a college student, I rent a room near my campus because its too tired if I go to campus and back to home everyday. I usually back to home at Friday after college hours and go to my room at Monday morning. Every week I always back to my parent’s home since my freshman year till now. Only several times I don’t back to home because several important reason. Some of my friends ask me why every week I always back to home? Don’t you tired? Then I answer, I am a daughter. My time to live with my parents became so little because I live in my rent-room five days a week. I love to go to home every week. I always try to go to my parent’s home as many as I can because maybe it no longer, there is a man who bring me to our home. So as long as I can I will always go to my parent’s home.

taken from my tumblr May 11th, 2013


My friend tell me that she wants to break up with her boyfriend because she knows that he is jerk. But, she was confused because when she met him, he so nice and she tell me that he so honest to her. I asked her, “Then you believe him? Honest? Really? He lied to you since 3 years ago”. She said, “I don’t know. I know he doesn’t only love me but I don’t know how I’m supposed to do”. I said, “It’s up to you. But I as your friend, don’t want see you hurt again. There are so many man out there who can makes you happy”.

What do people looking for in that relationship? Everybody want to be happy, right? If you aren’t happy, just leave. If you aren’t comfortable, just leave. It means he isn’t the right person. I don’t care how long your relationship but if he isn’t the right one why still with him? Wasting time. I rather looking for a better one than stuck with the wrong person. Call me egoist but I prefer to keep my heart safe than hurt by anybody. My lecturer said that women are masochists and I think that’s right. They know it hurts but they still let it happens.

taken from my tumblr May 16th, 2013

Why Still Want Him?

Last Friday I met my best friend, I already knew her since we were in high school. She said that she has a problem with her boyfriend. Big problem. Her three-years-boyfriend still in a relationship with the girl who my best friend know is his ex. And the worst problem is my best friend still want him. I told her, “If he loves you then he not did it to you. He lied. Why you still want him?” She said, “Even he is jerk, I still love him. Stupid, isn’t it?” I said, “Yes. You are stupid because man. Always”. And she only laughed.

Another story comes from another best friend. She already in a relationship with her boyfriend about 6 years. Even they are already in a relationship about 6 years she said that she is not sure to marry him. I said why you still with him if you aren’t sure to marry him? I think you are wasting time if you still with him. She said, “He cheated me four times but I still want him”. I said, “Why? There are so many better man outside and why you stuck with him?”. And guess what she said? She said, “I’m too lazy to adapt with other man if I broke up with him, I’m lazy to introduce him to my family and vice versa”.

I don’t know why my girls still want in a relationship with jerk because too lazy to adapt. I prefer to looking for better man than still with jerk, wasting time. Don’t afraid to break up if he hurt you. If he hurt you one times I’m sure he could hurt you again. And I feel grateful I’m the lucky one because I found my man, eventhough he isn’t romantic, sweet, and full of surprise, he is a full-packaging man.

Hari ini, hari ke 17520 di hidupmu

Mungkin ini bukan hari paling bahagia dalam hidupmu

Namun hari ini, 48 tahun lalu kau dilahirkan

Sejak saat itu banyak yang telah kau alami dan tak semuanya kau alami denganku

Mungkin aku tak tahu bagaimana wajahmu saat melahirkanku

Namun aku sangat tahu bagaimana perjuangan dan pengorbananmu untuk suamimu, aku, dan kedua adik-adikku

Kau perempuan tangguh, lebih tangguh dari yang kukira

Kadang kau menyebalkan dengan omelan-omelanmu yang sangat tidak kusuka

Kadang aku ingin sesegera mungkin hidup terpisah darimu walau sebenernya aku tidak bisa jauh darimu

Tidak jarang juga aku merasa kau itu kolot, sok tahu, dan egois

Mungkin aku tidak sadar bahwa kau hanya ingin aku menjadi yang terbaik

Kau bilang aku semangatmu, akulah yang kau harapkan bukan kedua adikku

Selamat ulangtahun perempuan kesayangan sedunia

Semoga selalu dilindungi Allah

Semoga semua harapanmu dikabulkan Allah

Maaf masih sering mengecewakanmu

Namun pasti akan membanggakanmu

Aku tidak akan menunjukan tulisan ini kepadamu

Aku terlalu malu bila kau melihatnya

Mungkin nanti akan kutunjukan atau mungkin tidak sama sekali

Yang pasti aku sangat menyayangimu, Ma

Aku bangga lahir dari rahimmu

Ridhakan Surga-Nya untukku ya, Ma

taken from my tumblr March 17th, 2013

Sometimes I envy with people whose face photogenic. They are always look beautiful in every photo. One day I asked my man, “My face isn’t photogenic, is it?” He asked me back, “Why?”. I said that I felt I’m not photogenic at all. Then he said, “Whether you are photogenic or not, I always love you. Moreover, why should photogenic? You always beautiful not only in a photo”. Then I realize maybe my man was right. I’m just not confidence with myself. I must grateful with myself and all of thing I have, but I don’t wanna be an over confidence people. It so annoying at all.

Moon Phase Astrology

Those born under the First Quarter Moon often exhibit a steadfast resolve and a natural force of will. They are typically firm in their opinions, and feel deeply about specific subjects. They are naturally curious people — but their curiosity is tempered by their deeply held beliefs on certain issues.

In some cases — this opinionated personality may seem combative. In other cases it will seem passionate and determined. They are typically athletic people, and enjoy outdoor activities. Almost always dissatisfied with the status-quo, they seek positive ‘change’ in all it’s forms — attempting to break down old barriers and constructs in favor of something more updated and new. Those born under the First Quarter are often late-bloomers — achieving and accomplishing much later in life than many others.



2012 taught me grow up

2012 taught me who real friends are

2012 taught me family is everything

2012 taught me I must become a better person

2012 taught me I have to see things closer

2012 taught me how to survive

2012 taught me there are fake people around me

2012 taught me how to deal with problems

2012 taught me don’t be an egoist person

2012 taught me my man always love me

2012 taught me I must always grateful of this life

2012 taught me God always love me

2012 taught me many people care about me

2012 taught me right and wrong never exchange

2012 taught me there are some shit here

2012 taught me life to the fullest

2012 taught me success with work hard

Thanks 2012 for every pain, experience, joyful, memories, and lessons

May 2013 better than 2012

taken from my tumblr December 31st, 2012