Go Home

Since I became a college student, I rent a room near my campus because its too tired if I go to campus and back to home everyday. I usually back to home at Friday after college hours and go to my room at Monday morning. Every week I always back to my parent’s home since my freshman year till now. Only several times I don’t back to home because several important reason. Some of my friends ask me why every week I always back to home? Don’t you tired? Then I answer, I am a daughter. My time to live with my parents became so little because I live in my rent-room five days a week. I love to go to home every week. I always try to go to my parent’s home as many as I can because maybe it no longer, there is a man who bring me to our home. So as long as I can I will always go to my parent’s home.

taken from my tumblr May 11th, 2013


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