Why Still Want Him?

Last Friday I met my best friend, I already knew her since we were in high school. She said that she has a problem with her boyfriend. Big problem. Her three-years-boyfriend still in a relationship with the girl who my best friend know is his ex. And the worst problem is my best friend still want him. I told her, “If he loves you then he not did it to you. He lied. Why you still want him?” She said, “Even he is jerk, I still love him. Stupid, isn’t it?” I said, “Yes. You are stupid because man. Always”. And she only laughed.

Another story comes from another best friend. She already in a relationship with her boyfriend about 6 years. Even they are already in a relationship about 6 years she said that she is not sure to marry him. I said why you still with him if you aren’t sure to marry him? I think you are wasting time if you still with him. She said, “He cheated me four times but I still want him”. I said, “Why? There are so many better man outside and why you stuck with him?”. And guess what she said? She said, “I’m too lazy to adapt with other man if I broke up with him, I’m lazy to introduce him to my family and vice versa”.

I don’t know why my girls still want in a relationship with jerk because too lazy to adapt. I prefer to looking for better man than still with jerk, wasting time. Don’t afraid to break up if he hurt you. If he hurt you one times I’m sure he could hurt you again. And I feel grateful I’m the lucky one because I found my man, eventhough he isn’t romantic, sweet, and full of surprise, he is a full-packaging man.


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