#PeopleAroundUs – Take A Good Care Of My Daughter, Will Ya?

Like usual, always cry if read a story about daughter-father

Silly Bits of Thought

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday as I was too physically and emotionally tired. I’ll make it up later by posting 2 stories in one day (hopefully). Here, goes my third story.

P.S: Papa, if you ever read this post, sorry for using your photo without your permission. I am not writing on your behalf so I’m really sorry if anything I write doesn’t reflect what you’re feeling at that time. Hope you don’t mind. xoxo 🙂

Oh my God. Is it really happening? Did I just hand over my very own daughter to someone I barely know? What was I thinking? Will he look after her? What if he hurts her? Gosh, I would never ever forgive myself if that happen.

Kiddo, now there is another man in your life. A man that you will depend your life on. You will no longer come crying to me when you…

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