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That’s life!…

That’s life!



Whenever I felt weak, down, or get failure, I remember people who made me strong. One of them is my parents. My Dad always said, “You are our hope since you are in your mom’s womb”. And last but not least, my bestfriend, sometimes I can’t hold my tears and call her. She said, “Don’t cry, you can pass all of this. You are a strong girl”. Thank God for these people around me.

Why Write?

I have a blog since 2008. Actually, when I was on job training I have so many free time and fast internet connection, but I don’t know what to do and Facebook was banned at office. I was bored so I made a blog. Continue reading

First Love

I like to think that first love is not necessarily the first person you fall in love with, but the first kind of love that actually stays, and no one wants to end it.

And thus, the past will just be fragment of forgettable memories.

And your past relationships shouldn’t be called love.

Because love is not supposed to end, is it?

I’d like to meet the first person in my life that can justify this.

I’d like to love you and only you, for as long as I live.