Hello 2014!

It’s the fourth day of 2014. But it’s my first post in 2014. How’s your 2014? How about your resolution? I usually have resolutions every new year but not all of them realized. No wonder.

My New Year Eve. Usually I spent my NYE with my Access XV family but since 2013, I didn’t spend my NYE with them. And 2014, I spent my NYE with my KeMANGTEER friends. Never imagined before. And I think it was my best NYE so far. New experiences.

How about the resolutions? I have to graduate this year. It’s a must. I have to graduate with a thesis. One of many reasons why I must write a thesis is I want write my parents name in my thesis’s preface. Silly? I don’t care. Another resolution is I want to write in my blog regularly because I often write but just ended up in draft. Actually, there are some resolutions but I just want keep it myself.

2013 isn’t my favourite year at all. I mean it. But thank you for ups and downs, the good and the bad, happiness and pain, joy and tear, and the most of all this is maturity lesson which I got in 2013. That’s life.

So, enjoy 2014. Hope 2014 better than before.


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