Sexism, Sexist, and Stereotype

Actually, this post based on one post I read two or three days a go and errr I feel somewhat annoyed about some statements that contain sexism. It’s not the first time I see something contains sexism happens. No, I don’t say that I’m an expert in feminism or gender studies. I’m only a student who still studying feminism and have interesting about it. I just try to make this clear so I hope it won’t happen again.

First, what is sexism? Merriam-Webster defines that sexism is unfair treatment of people because of their sex, especially unfair treatment of women. It also said that sexism is prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially :  discrimination against women. Once again, sexism is behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex. Based on three definitions above, I think it clear that sexism is about discrimination based on sex and I don’t want to say especially women, because in fact it happens on men too. For example like: Boys are jerk and they all same or boys are liar, they always make promises but never keep it. Or for the women: Women are weak, irrational, or easily seduced. This is stereotype and it isn’t a standard. Human are unique, they have their own personalities and it’s not based on their sex.

We live with so many stereotype around us. For man, the stereotype is rational, usually use logic not feeling, strong, capable to be a leader, not an expressive creature, masculine, and so on. How about the woman? The stereotype is irrational, usually use feeling not logic, weak, not capable to be a leader, an expressive creature, feminine, and so on. Now I have a question, how if there is a woman but she isn’t like the stereotype of woman which society defined? Is she not a woman? Or how if there is a man but he weak and not capable to be a leader? Is he not a man?

I know we used to live with these stereotype and it isn’t easy to change it, but if we try I’m sure we can. I also try to not be a sexist. So, let’s don’t be a sexist. We can start without labelling or stereotyping human based on their sex. We are all of human being, man and woman. We are equal.


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3 thoughts on “Sexism, Sexist, and Stereotype

  1. Shakti Nugroho March 12, 2014 at 3:36 PM Reply

    i don’t know what it mean. i don’t understand with this language 😦

  2. […] kalian berpikiran postingan ini tentang seks, kalian salah. Gue pernah menulis tentang seksisme di sini, tapi kok rasanya sebel aja masih banyak banget orang-orang seksis di sekitar gue. Mungkin banyak […]

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