First Post in Russian Language

As a Russian Studies student, I realized that I never write anything about Russia or in Russian language in this blog. After clean up my room yesterday, I found my paper test. I don’t wanna show you picture of the paper test because my handwriting is messy. I’m afraid you can’t read it. So here’s I rewrite my first short story about my family in my paper test when I was on first term.

Здравстуйте! Меня зовут Хайрунниса Сирегар. Мне 19 лет. Я студентка.У меня есть семья. У меня есть отец. Его зовут Марахасиан Сирегар. Он 50 лет. Он рабочник. У меня есть Мать. Её зовут Ернавати Сирегар. Она 45 лет. Она дома хозяйка. У меня есть сестры. Они Масниар Мутиара Хасианни Сирегар и Адинда Атиках Махарани Сирегар. Они 18 лет и 10 лет. Они студенка и школьница.

Oh God, how time flies so fast. It feels like couple months a go I still struggling to pass my Russian Language test but in the fact, next week my thesis judgement day will held. My Russian Language doesn’t good as my friend’s but I hope I still can speak in Russian or understand people speaks in Russian though I’m not take a class of Russian Language. Actually, I proud that I am a Russian Studies student eventhough there are so many people underestimate my major. Why? Because we are, the Russian Studies student, unique and I bet there aren’t many people can speak in Russian in Indonesia. Enough for this post, I hope I will post anything in Russian Language, not only a paragraph and taken from my paper test on first term :p.


Да свидания!


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2 thoughts on “First Post in Russian Language

  1. @indrathrw June 24, 2014 at 1:24 PM Reply

    Gak ngerti sama sekali itu bahasa rusianya..

    Sukses ya, mudah-mudahan bahasa Rusianya jadi bisa lancar as good as your friend. Keep Spirit!

    Cerita Gue 5 Tahun Ngeblog | ThrwBlog

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