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The Blessed 2014: Catatan Akhir Tahun

Well finally, today is the last day in 2014. For me, 2014 is the best year ever! Feeling so blessed. Ada ups and down tapi tetep aja the best year ever.

Jadi, setiap tahun gue terbiasa bikin resolusi untuk tahun selanjutnya. Di 2014 gue juga punya resolusi dan Alhamdulilah banget 95% accomplished! This is the first time, karena biasanya resolusi gue ya semangat direalisasikan di awal aja. Continue reading


The Last Day

I never expected that I feel too sad like this. This year is the best year ever in my life. Call me overreact but I really mean it. Everything just to good to be true as I imagined although some part with so much effort and tears haha, but not on that day. Continue reading

Diet Experience: Succeed on Diet Mayo

So, during this year I gained so much Kgs and I don’t want mention exactly. On December 2013 my weight is 45 Kgs but on November it became 50 something. I know I love eat, especially desserts but it never been like this before. It became a nightmare since everyone I met told me that I became fat, because I used to be skinny. Sigh. I tried several diet methods but it doesn’t work. I stress. My jeans doesn’t fit in me again then my mom told me that I have to lose my weight.

Until one day, one of my friend told that she was on diet. Diet mayo and it works, she succeed loose her weight about 4 Kgs. I think I have to try this metode. So, about 2 weeks ago I started Diet Mayo. What’s Diet Mayo? Diet Mayo is a diet created by Mayo Clinic. The duration about 13 days, allowed only once a year, and you have to pass it. One day you failed, you have to repeat from day one. The basic rules are no salt, no rice, and no ice. You have to follow the menu from breakfast to dinner and make sure that you drink minimum 2 Liters of water everyday. Sounds easy, rite? Continue reading

CULINARY: Yukai Shabu Sushi

Last month, I have an opportunity to foodtasting at Yukai Shabu Sushi. Yukai, as its name, is a Japanese restaurant which serves Japanese food like shabu, sushi, udon, teriyaki, and many more. It located at one of many food spot in Jakarta, Jalan Gunawarman. Not very spacious and decorated with Japanese ambience.

Yukai has a signature dish called Wagyu Quick Shabu and they claim that they serves the first quick Shabu in Jakarta. So, what I tried?

Continue reading

CULINARY: Zomato Foodie Meet Up at Ellexito Eatery and Pastry

IMG_9180.JPGAbout two weeks ago on Saturday, i had a superb lunch at Ellexito Eatery and Pastry with my foodie friends from Zomato Foodie. We arranged this event by ourself, not like the regular event from Zomato. At 13.00 I arrived at Ellexito with Kak Wibi. About 12 foodies attend this event, they are Kak Wibi, Stacia, Shabrina, Astri, Cha-cha, Maudy, Jessy, Audrey, Marchella, Hafiz, and Chris. Continue reading