CULINARY: Yukai Shabu Sushi

Last month, I have an opportunity to foodtasting at Yukai Shabu Sushi. Yukai, as its name, is a Japanese restaurant which serves Japanese food like shabu, sushi, udon, teriyaki, and many more. It located at one of many food spot in Jakarta, Jalan Gunawarman. Not very spacious and decorated with Japanese ambience.

Yukai has a signature dish called Wagyu Quick Shabu and they claim that they serves the first quick Shabu in Jakarta. So, what I tried?

  • Wagyu Quick Shabu (IDR 65K)

IMG_9237.JPGAs I mention above, this is their signature dish. It serves in two bowls and one condiment plate. The first bowl consists of Ponza sauce and the other consist of beef wagyu, udon, pokcay, cabbage, shitake, meatballs, and tofu in hot water. If you don’t know how to make your Quick Shabu, simply ask the waiter and they will help you. You simply put anything you want like wagyu, udon, etc to Ponzu sauce and put seasoning in condiment plate too. Overall I love my Wagyu Quick Shabu except the shitake.


  • Sushi

Yukai serves various sushi, and I tried four kind of their sushi. The sushi available in two sizes, regular and large. Regular size consists of 4 pieces sushi and Large size consists of 8 pieces sushi. I tried Crunchy Salmon, Yukai Roll, Baked Salmon Mentai, and Tuna Melts. All of them delicious! But my favorite is Crunchy Salmon.


Yukai Roll (IDR 58K)



Tuna Melts (IDR 58K)


Crunchy Salmon (IDR 60K)


Baked Salmon Mentai

  • Crispy Chiken Teriyaki (IDR 42K)

IMG_9247.JPGI love Yukai’s chicken teriyaki. Along with its name, crispy. Crispy ouside but tender inside. Delicious!

    Wagyu Yaki Udon (IDR 65K)


This is the dry version of udon but more delicious. The wagyu was juicy and tender. Not forget to mention, it has 11 level of spiciness. Love it!

  • Drinks (IDR 22-25K)

Left to right Coffee Caramello (IDR 25K) Butterscotch (IDR 22K) Vanilla Tiramisu (IDR 22K) Strawberry Short Cake (IDR 22K) Cold Ocha (IDR 10K) Turkish Delight (IDR 22K)

Not forget to mention, I tried several menu of drinks. They are Coffee Caramello, Butterscotch, Strawberry Short Cake, Turkish Delight, Cold Ocha, Tiramisu Vanilla, and Matcha. My favourites are Strawberry Short Cake and Turkish Delight. Refreshing!

  • Matcha Ice Cream

IMG_9261.JPGThe last menu is dessert. Yukai has two dessert, Matcha and Ogura Ice Cream. Because I’m a die-hard fan of matcha so I have Matcha Ice Cream as dessert. It was delicious but easy to melt.

That’s all for my lunch at Yukai Shabu Sushi. Thank you for the opportunity. If you craving for sushi, teriyaki, or wanna try quick shabu just simply go Yukai. Have a nice lunch or dinner, Foodie!


Yukai Shabu Sushi

Jl. Gunawarman No. 75


Jakarta Selatan







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5 thoughts on “CULINARY: Yukai Shabu Sushi

  1. dani maulana -- SiKarungGoni -- December 11, 2014 at 10:28 AM Reply

    Setiap berkunjung ke Blog ini, asam lambung langsung naek

  2. Bongkar Otak December 16, 2014 at 10:53 AM Reply

    Duh kaicaaa:’) culinary terus, gua ngiler kak

  3. dedy oktavianus pardede December 18, 2014 at 1:21 PM Reply

    looks comforting and damn slurrping delicious!!!
    actually i just wondering what kind of wagyu they used for the sabu2 which only tagged IDR 65K ??? not to mention that’s a very generous portion too
    fyi ito, yg marble grade 5-6 dari 12 wagyu aja udah 1 jt lebih sekilo, hehehe

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