Diet Experience: Succeed on Diet Mayo

So, during this year I gained so much Kgs and I don’t want mention exactly. On December 2013 my weight is 45 Kgs but on November it became 50 something. I know I love eat, especially desserts but it never been like this before. It became a nightmare since everyone I met told me that I became fat, because I used to be skinny. Sigh. I tried several diet methods but it doesn’t work. I stress. My jeans doesn’t fit in me again then my mom told me that I have to lose my weight.

Until one day, one of my friend told that she was on diet. Diet mayo and it works, she succeed loose her weight about 4 Kgs. I think I have to try this metode. So, about 2 weeks ago I started Diet Mayo. What’s Diet Mayo? Diet Mayo is a diet created by Mayo Clinic. The duration about 13 days, allowed only once a year, and you have to pass it. One day you failed, you have to repeat from day one. The basic rules are no salt, no rice, and no ice. You have to follow the menu from breakfast to dinner and make sure that you drink minimum 2 Liters of water everyday. Sounds easy, rite?

First time when I read the menu I thought, Oh somewhat difficult but it doesn’t matter because Mom promised to buy vegetables. No rice? Thank God I’m not that person who must eat rice so it was really easy for me. No ice? Hmmm okay only for 13 days. And the last one, no salt? Damn, besides my sweet tooth I love savoury food. But my willpower to get my body back bigger than anything so I try to Diet Mayo.


It was Sunday and I didn’t feel anything different. I cooked my meal and honestly it somewhat difficult swallowed because I don’t like tomatoes in my lunch menu. But, in the end I passed Day-1.


I woke up earlier than usual just to cooked my meal. I cooked for lunch and dinner because I go to home from office at 6 PM, and for dinner allowed only until 6 PM. How was Day-2? Dizzy but okay.

Day-3 until Day-7

It was okay although many distraction like pizza in office, a delicious dessert that my bestie ate, and so on. But I passed it! Ura!

Day-8 and Day-9

Gosh I felt like I wanna give up. I fed up with this menu. I want ice cream, chocolate, and another yummy dishes. But, I forced myself to stick the menu til the end.

Day-10 until Day-13an

It was okay. I could control myself, not as hungry as before. My appeal not as big as before.

And, how was the result? I lose my weight! Not yet exactly back to 45 Kgs but I’m very happy. This method works in me since many methods I tried and failed. Besides lost weight, I felt that I can control my appeal and I more discipline to myself. I can beat my laziness, finally. Another task, I have to lose weight again but not with Diet Mayo because it only allowed once in a year. If you want to try this diet, I share the menu below. Good luck!



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