The Last Day

I never expected that I feel too sad like this. This year is the best year ever in my life. Call me overreact but I really mean it. Everything just to good to be true as I imagined although some part with so much effort and tears haha, but not on that day.

I always want something new and challenging. I really love my job, my office, and my co-worker but I have to leave it because several reasons. Long short story, about two weeks ago I get an interesting offering. A big company too, nearer from my home, and the position is very interesting. So, I take the oportunity.

That day, December 24th 2014 was my last day. A couple days before I felt so damn sad. I have worked in that company about a year, fyi. There are so many things happened and I received. Memories, lessons, experiences, and family. No, I don’t sugar-coating but it’s the truth that I felt that my co-workers at Community Development are my new family. My bestie said that is normal I felt sad when I have to leave my office.

The last day was the saddest and happiest day ever. We didn’t have a decent farewell party. I only ordered pizzas for us, but I felt so happy. Not all of us was there because some reasons but two of my friends who actually on the day off came only for my last day. We took some photos and made a video. I felt that I won’t that day over. At night, 5 of us went to Food Garden Kemang just to have a late night snack and chiy chat. At 11 PM we went home with them, all of them. And finally when I’m home, I just can’t hold my tears.

But life must go on. I have to leave my office, my comfort zone. Grow up, Ica. Thank you Community Development detikcom for memories, lessons, friendship, everything. It was a really nice experience being a part of you. Gonna miss all of you, soon!









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2 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. arman December 31, 2014 at 11:08 AM Reply

    ini kenapa artikel kak ica jadi banyakan english ya?
    kakica kerja di perusahaan apa sekarang?
    kayaknya udah akrab bgt ya sama yang lain. 😦

    • Khairunnisa Siregar December 31, 2014 at 11:20 AM Reply

      Gak tau man lagi seneng aja nulis in English haha. Sekarang di mnc sky vision. Itu foto-foto pas kemaren di detik man. Akrab banget memang smp sedih pas pindah 😦

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