CULINARY: Zomato Foodie Meet Up at HaloNiko!

I know there is a Greek restaurant in Warung Buncit when I worked there, but I don’t know where it exactly located. Thank you to Zomato invited me to Zomato Foodie Meet Up at HaloNiko!. HaloNiko! is a hidden gem at Warung Buncit, located behind Ace Hardware building makes me little bit hard to find this restaurant.

HaloNiko! is a restaurant serves fusion food of Greek-Javanese. The owner is a couple from Greek and Javanese, they are Niko and Mbak Kika. Mbak Kika told us this restaurant called HaloNiko! because they want everyone who come to HaloNiko! became friend to Niko and feel HaloNiko! is their home. HaloNiko! not very spacious but very comfy and homey. Mbak Kika decorated HaloNiko! every detail by herself with unique ornament. Niko served the food by himself too, he didn’t use MSG and plant the ingredients by himself. Not forget to mention, both of them are humble and nice. Great.




What I ate?

  • Souvlaki Chicken (60 K)



Grilled chicken gyros and vegetables wrapped in pita. It looks like kebab but I think it bigger. It usually serves with fried yam. I don’t eat it much but I felt that the chicken cooked perfectly, tender, and juicy. Really can make your stomach full.

  • Mama Moussaka


It looks like lasagna, consisted of eggplants, yam, beef, milk cream sauce, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. I really love this dish. Melted in my mouth and so delicious


  • Our Greek SaladIMG_0102

Little bit different from ordinary salad. It consisted of fresh tomato, cucumber, red and green paprika, onion, olive, capper, feta cheese, olive, and vinegar dressing. I don’t really like tomato and cucumber but this time is an exception. Fresh and delicious.

  • Bugatsa

We also have a cooking workshop and I have an opportunity to make Bugatsa. It is a famous greek milk cream pie. It like fried banana, crunchy outside and soft inside but more delicious with strong cinnamon taste.IMG_0129



  • Ice Vanilla Lime

Lemonade with splash of vanilla taste. Fresh but not my cup of tea.

Great food, good ambience, affordable price, and great service will make me revisit HaloNiko! soon.







The Promenade

Jln. Warung Buncit Raya No. 98

Pasar Minggu

Jakarta Selatan







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4 thoughts on “CULINARY: Zomato Foodie Meet Up at HaloNiko!

  1. Miftaahul Jannah February 9, 2015 at 5:06 PM Reply

    Whoaaah! Take me to there Kak Chaaa!

  2. Wiwis May 21, 2015 at 5:32 PM Reply

    Hi.. zomato foodie meetup ini for free atau gak ya? Saya jg pengguna zomato, siapa tau nanti bs dpt invitation jg. Hehehe ..#ngarep

    • Khairunnisa Siregar May 21, 2015 at 5:36 PM Reply

      Free. Semakin sering review makin gede kesempatan diinvite Zomato Foodie Meet Up, sekarang banyak kok foodie-foodie baru yg diinvite

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