CULINARY: Union Deli



I hope it isn’t too late to review this happening cafe in the town. Yes, Union Deli opened about a couple months ago but I visited it yesterday. So how was the deli version of Union?

Union Deli doesn’t like the main resto, they only serves several menu of Union like sandwich, bakery, cakes, and dessert. Located in Central Grand Indonesia East Mall, they hasn’t spacious are but the ambience of Union feel strong in Union Deli. Clean, elegant, and the service was excellent too.

What I ate?

  • Red Velvet Pie (50 K)




This is the most ordered menu! The famous Union’s Red Velvet transform into the pie. The portion was huge. Perfect combination of crunchy red velvet crumble and moist cream cheese make this pie has a unique taste yet so delicious.

  • Red Velvet Sundae (50 K)



This is a transformation of Red Velvet too. The combination of vanilla ice cream and cruncy red velvet crumble was heaven! Delicious too.

  • Union Southern Ice Tea (35 K)

Too bad I forgot to take the picture of Union Southern Ice Tea. It consists of black tea with caramel soda. Not too sweet as my liking yet refreshing.

It was very worthed to visit Union Deli although I have to wait about 30 minutes before I get a seat. Great food, warm ambience, and excellent service will make me revisit soon.

Union Deli

Central Grand Indonesia East Mall

Ground Floor

Central Jakarta


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3 thoughts on “CULINARY: Union Deli

  1. winda huhul February 28, 2015 at 11:07 PM Reply

    *ngiler* pengen kesini tapi reservasi tempat dulu mestinya hahahahah soalnya waktu terbatas, karna……..ini bukan liburan :””'(

  2. Medanfoodblog December 3, 2015 at 8:16 PM Reply

    pie nya buat ngiler gitu setiap ngeliatnya

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