TRAVEL: iPhonesia Picnic

Finally I do my favorite activity again: Traveling! Yeah, being an employee makes me have no time too travel. It was my second time travelling in this year (the first was my business trip, I’ll tell it later). I was so excited because finally it was the time and I have it with my iPhonesian family. Let’s enjoy the trip!

We decided to have picnic to Stone Garden Padalarang and Jatiluhur Dam Purwakarta. It was my first time. We went at 6:30 AM from iPhonesia Office (Sorry for being late. Promise me it was the first and the last). Vidya join this event too. I thought she have to being an iPhonesian too after this event haha. About 8:30 AM we arrived at Stone Garden. We must take a walk about 10 minutes to Stone Garden but the view very worth! Very breathtaking and instagramable view. We introduce to each other, take photos, take photos, and take photos. Hahaha

About 10 AM we move to Jatiluhur Dam. I thought that Jatiluhur Dam more instagramable but it wasn’t. We have lunch there, did games, and photo hunting again.


I met some iPhonesian who I used to be see in Line Group or their feed, and I also met new friends outside iPhonesia. Not forget to mention, I met Kheyn Lukman. He is Mas Aries Lukman’s son. He is so adorable. It was amazing weekend getaway with iPhonesian. Can’t wait for the next event!



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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: iPhonesia Picnic

  1. Jejak Parmantos April 2, 2015 at 8:20 PM Reply

    Seems it was a great day Mba Nisa. After looking this post, I wonder about Jatiluhur dam looks like. Since I knew it for a long time ago, but haven’t get chance to go there.
    Btw, let me follow your blog… nice to know you 🙂

    • Khairunnisa Siregar April 4, 2015 at 8:43 AM Reply

      Jatiluhur Dam nice but better you go there until sunset. Feel free to follow my blog and just call me Ica

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