What is Your Kind of Weekend?

Being an employee means I have to spend my time mostly in office. Five days a week from 9-6 little bit makes me kinda bored although I have a great team there (honestly, they are the reason I always excited to go to the office :p). When weekend comes, I always excited.

Usually I have a plan to go out with my friends or family. I love meet my friends, from elementary school till my workmate in previous office. Go somewhere and talk about everything for hours. Because of I love traveling, I often go to the beach, or themepark, or somewhere new in weekend. I also love meet new people and make new friends, another occasion in my weekend I also join my community activity so I have new friends with some passion. I’m a foodie so eating out is a fun activity for me, in my weekend usually I go out to try new restaurant or have food tasting. 

I’m an outgoing person, I love being around my family and close friends but sometimes I love being alone. Sometimes I don’t want go anywhere in my weekend and spend the whole day just in my room. Like today, I wake up late, write some post in my blog, and watch DVDs till the rest of the day with my current favorite snack, Macaroni Factory.


Macaroni Factory is a home made macaroni with natural ingridients without preservatives and MSG. Macaroni Factory available in 6 flavours; spicy, cheese, barbeque, sweet corn, spicy cheese, and. My favorites are spicy and cheese. I can’t stop eat till the last bite. Gosh, this is addictive!   

 That’s all about my kind of weekend. Just spent my weekend in my room but I enjoyed it. Recharge myself and ready to hit the office tomorrow. How about yours?

Macaroni Factory available on:


Line: @YGC6171G

SMS/WhatsApp: +6282244345020

Instagram & Twitter: @Xo2_Shop


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