It’s 14 Years And Still Counting

They said when you grown up, you’ll have less friends. And now it really happens to me. I have many friends and some of bestfriends that really close to me. Trully Cancerian. Now, I feel my friends one by one lost, I know we struggle and face the reality and we have less time to meet each other.

From Elementary School, I used to play with all of my classmates. We consist of 13 girls and 13 boys. Only 26 students, that’s why we close each other. We named ourself “Classix”, sound cheesy? Hahaha. We used to play together everyday, except Sunday. We used to play Galasin or Benteng. And it always be our favourite game ever. Many stories behind that game haha.

When we graduated from Elementary School, we still keep in touch. We still play together until now, but not in complete formation and not as often as we in Elementary School of course. We grow up, go to different school and college, we have so many new friends and also partner, but I still play with them when we have time.

Even we don’t meet each other for a long time, we still close each other. I remember when we were in the freshman year in college, we used to play in every Saturday night. We talked about random thoughts, memories, jokes, hopes, or gossip until early morning. Always every weekend.

Now, some of us graduated from college or become a worker. Another still fight with the thesis and so do I. And one of us already get married, but no one of us went to his wedding because it held in Central Java. On this month, the youngest member of Classix get married and we attended the wedding party. As usual, if we meet up it will not be an ordinary meeting. It will be a very heartwarming meeting.

Even we can’t meet each other often, they always be my bestfriends ever. It’s 14 years of friendship and still counting. Once again, I really thank God to sent these crazy random people to my life. I love you to the moon and back, Classix!


Classix in Febi’s Wedding


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