CULINARY: Union Deli

I hope it isn’t too late to review this happening cafe in the town. Yes, Union Deli opened about a couple months ago but I visited it yesterday. So how was the deli version of Union?

Union Deli doesn’t like the main resto, they only serves several menu of Union like sandwich, bakery, cakes, and dessert. Located in Central Grand Indonesia East Mall, they hasn’t spacious are but the ambience of Union feel strong in Union Deli. Clean, elegant, and the service was excellent too.

What I ate?

  • Red Velvet Pie (50 K)

This is the most ordered menu! The famous Union’s Red Velvet transform to the pie. The portion was huge. Perfect combination of crunchy red velvet crumble and moist cream cheese make this pie has a unique taste yet so delicious. 

  • Red Velvet Sundae (50 K)

This is a transformation of Red Velvet too. The combination of vanilla ice cream and cruncy red velvet crumble was heaven! Delicious too.

  • Union Southern Ice Tea (35 K)

Too bad I was forget to take the picture of Union Southern Ice Tea. It consists of black tea with caramel soda. Not too sweet as my liking yet refreshing.

It was very worthed visit to Union Deli although I have to wait about 30 minutes before I get a seat. Great food, warm ambience, and excellent service will make me revisit soon.

Union Deli

Central Grand Indonesia East Mall

Ground Floor

Central Jakarta

CULINARY: Zomato Foodie Meet Up at HaloNiko!

I know there is a Greek restaurant in Warung Buncit when I worked there, but I don’t know where it exactly located. Thank you to Zomato invited me to Zomato Foodie Meet Up at HaloNiko!. HaloNiko! is a hidden gem at Warung Buncit, located behind Ace Hardware building makes me little bit hard to find this restaurant.

HaloNiko! is a restaurant serves fusion food of Greek-Javanese. The owner is a couple from Greek and Javanese, they are Niko and Mbak Kika. Mbak Kika told us this restaurant called HaloNiko! because they want everyone who come to HaloNiko! became friend to Niko and feel HaloNiko! is their home. HaloNiko! not very spacious but very comfy and homey. Mbak Kika decorated HaloNiko! every detail by herself with unique ornament. Niko served the food by himself too, he didn’t use MSG and plant the ingredients by himself. Not forget to mention, both of them are humble and nice. Great.



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CULINARY: Amber Chocolate Bar


Last week, I had a superb dessert time with my foodie friends at Amber Chocolate Bar. Amber is a newly opened cafe in Senopati, one of hip area in Jakarta. Amber has a unique different decoration in every floor. 1st floor is cake and pastry boutique, you can find cakes, pastries, macaroons, and chocolate with luxury ambience. 2nd is library, you will feel homey and find many books you can read here. 3rd is sky bar, and on 4th floor is rooftop which you have to minimum spent IDR 3000 K to sit there.

FYI, on a week I’ve been here 2 times. First with my foodie friends and second with my high school besties. I fell in love with their cakes so I take my besties to have dinner there. And they love it too!






1st Floor



2nd Floor



3rd Floor



3rd Floor Night View


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CULINARY: Dragon Flames

This is the first post in 2015 and I think it’s not to late to say: Happy New Year! May 2015 better from 2014.

So, are you a fan of Chinese Food or craving for delicious dim sum? I suggested you come to Dragon Flames. Located in Kemang, one of hang out area in Jakarta, Dragon Flames serves Chinese Food and they open 19 hours everyday. Spacious and the ambience and decoration can make you feel like in China.

What I ate here?
• Dim Sum (Steamed: Xia Long Bao, Kaki Ayam, Egg Salted Bakpao, Chicken and Vegetable Jyozao, Hakau, and Chicken Shiu May. Fried: Fried Jyozao and Fried Mantau)


Chicken Shiu May


Kaki Ayam


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The Blessed 2014: Catatan Akhir Tahun

Well finally, today is the last day in 2014. For me, 2014 is the best year ever! Feeling so blessed. Ada ups and down tapi tetep aja the best year ever.

Jadi, setiap tahun gue terbiasa bikin resolusi untuk tahun selanjutnya. Di 2014 gue juga punya resolusi dan Alhamdulilah banget 95% accomplished! This is the first time, karena biasanya resolusi gue ya semangat direalisasikan di awal aja. Continue reading

The Last Day

I never expected that I feel too sad like this. This year is the best year ever in my life. Call me overreact but I really mean it. Everything just to good to be true as I imagined although some part with so much effort and tears haha, but not on that day. Continue reading

Diet Experience: Succeed on Diet Mayo

So, during this year I gained so much Kgs and I don’t want mention exactly. On December 2013 my weight is 45 Kgs but on November it became 50 something. I know I love eat, especially desserts but it never been like this before. It became a nightmare since everyone I met told me that I became fat, because I used to be skinny. Sigh. I tried several diet methods but it doesn’t work. I stress. My jeans doesn’t fit in me again then my mom told me that I have to lose my weight.

Until one day, one of my friend told that she was on diet. Diet mayo and it works, she succeed loose her weight about 4 Kgs. I think I have to try this metode. So, about 2 weeks ago I started Diet Mayo. What’s Diet Mayo? Diet Mayo is a diet created by Mayo Clinic. The duration about 13 days, allowed only once a year, and you have to pass it. One day you failed, you have to repeat from day one. The basic rules are no salt, no rice, and no ice. You have to follow the menu from breakfast to dinner and make sure that you drink minimum 2 Liters of water everyday. Sounds easy, rite? Continue reading


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