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Rumput Tetangga

Pernah gak ngerasa enak banget sih jadi orang lain? Baru-baru ini gue ngerasa gitu. Gue diterima intern di sebuah portal berita yang cukup terkenal. Gue satu divisi sama temen gue, Yanto, tapi kita beda jobdesc. Dia megang satu website baru yang akan launching sekitar awal Februari, sedangkan gue megang tiga web lama dan ngisi artikel di salah satu web. Waktu tau jobdesc Yanto megang satu web gue agak ‘iri’. Enak juga megang satu web aja dan keliatannya lebih ringan dari jobdesc gue.

Waktu istirahat, gue ngobrol-ngobrol sama Yanto gimana kerjaan masing-masing. Dan ternyata Yanto malah bilang, “Enakan kerjaan lu, Ca”. Gue bilang, ” Gue malah mikir enakan lu, To. Hahaha”. Gue langsung mikir ternyata bener kalo rumput tetangga selalu terlihat lebih hijau. Continue reading


Cerita Hari Pertama

Kemarin hari pertama gue intern di sebuah kantor portal berita. Gue sangat excited sampe gue kepagian sampe di kantor. Ini bukan internship gue yang pertama karena gue sempet beberapa kali intern, tapi ini internship gue yang pertama di media.

Gue ditempatin di Divisi Community Development bareng temen gue. Jobdesc gue disini seru. Gue dipercayakan memegang 3 website dan bikin artikel di salah satu website. Pengalaman baru buat gue.

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About Lie

Have you ever lied by someone you trust the most? How does it feel? Horrible.
Don’t they know that lies is so hurt?
They don’t want to lied by someone, do they?
Many reasons why people lies but for me lie is lie and I don’t care wether is white lie or not.
Fot the victim, maybe they can’t trust people easily. It really hurts lied by someone you trust.
For the liar, people can’t easily trust you. You break people’s trust and it’s not easy to get their trust again.
So, never lie to someone who trusts you and never trust someone who lies to you.

The Things I’ve Learned

1. Love yourself always
2. Don’t expect too much
3. Don’t easily trust other
4. Keep struggling and try my best
5. Family comes first
6. Be independent
7. Overthinking ruins everything
8. Always have faith and principle
9. Anything can happen
10. There is no forever. Everything just a phase and temporary

Lesson learned, 2013!

Stomach and Heart

One day I had a convo with my bestfriend. He has no girlfriend since 2011. Several times he tried to make a new relationship but failed. Many reasons. And now, he is in love with a girl in his campus. Really in love. He said that this girl feel the same way but she thinks that they aren’t be together. Principal reason. Though my bestie said they can fight together she still said no. And it makes my bestie sad.

I said, “Why you still fight for her while she doesn’t want fight for both of you?”. “I don’t know. I love her so much”, he said. “She said it waste time, right? I think you should forget her and find another girl. I know it’s not easy. It’s all about heart’s choiche”, I replied. Then he said, “You know, when you are hungry you can eat anything just to fill your stomach at that time. But when your heart empty, you couldn’t fill it with anyone randomly just to fill your heart at that time. Agree?” And I answered, “Absolutely agree, best”.

Have you ever miss something that actually didn’t exist? It just a thing not someone. Really a concrete thing not an abstract thing. You missed it eventhough you never have it. Weird. Once you can see and touch it but now you don’t know when you can see it again. Sounds silly.

Just realize that season changes and so do people. They become someone you didn’t know. And sometimes become someone they said they never be. Ironic.