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CULINARY: Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel Jakarta

Gak terasa, ternyata minggu ini udah masuk minggu kedua Ramadhan aja. Biasanya di minggu kedua gini udah mulai banyak tuh ajakan-ajakan buka bersama mulai dari temen sekolah, kuliah, kerja, organisasi, kepanitiaan, komunitas, dan macem-macem lainnya. Berbagai restoran juga biasanya punya menu berbuka atau penawaran-penawaran seru untuk buka puasa. Sana Sini Restaurant Pullman Hotel adalah satu dari sekian banyak restoran yang menawarkan menu spesial berbuka puasa. Beberapa waktu lalu gue berkesempatan mencoba menu spesial buka puasa di restoran buffet ini bareng temen-temen foodie.


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Birthday Blast: Welcoming 24

Yesterday was my birthday. Honestly, I didn’t feel excited like when I was on high school or college. I know, I’m getting old. It means I have more responsibilities than before, I have to pursue my dreams and don’t let it only be dreams, I have to achiev my goal, and many more.

I always keep my birthday and never make like an announcement in my social media (I know several people do this thing and for me it was embarassing :p). One thing I realize is, when you keep you birth date from people you will see who really care and remember your birthday and who don’t. Trust me. Continue reading

EVENT: Electro Run 2015

I won’t claim myself as a sporty woman or something, I rarely do exercise although I was a Taekwondoin. I only have few favorite sports like swimming and running. Run, actually I start this activity about a year ago. I admit that I followed people hahaha but actually I run for lose my weight although I failed to lose my weight.

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